Hi there, and welcome!  I’m Aliyah (more on me in a bit).  This isn’t my first blog, but it’s the one that I’m most excited about writing!  You can check out the “About Me” page for some more information, but here are 5 things about me that hopefully will help you understand my perspective and why I’m writing this blog.

  1. I’ve been living in Pittsburgh since August 2013.  Before that, I lived in New Jersey.  Both are great!  But Pittsburgh is the perfect place for me right now.
  2. I’m currently a first-year grad student at the University of Pittsburgh, studying immunology.  It’s okay if you don’t know what that is- the Wikipedia page should help 😉  My specific interest is cancer immunology.
  3. I’m definitely living on a budget!  That’s not to say I’m missing out on doing things, but, I do try my best to save money where and when I can.
  4. Re #3, I’ve been in to couponing and free sample hunting to help me have more money to put towards fun things instead of towards household necessities.  They started out as hobbies in high school and college, but now I’m so grateful that I had practice when it didn’t matter as much.
  5. I like to do things!  Between school and lab I don’t have a ton of free time, but between attending a big university and living in a city, there always are things to do, and I try my hardest to make it to everything that sounds interesting.

The theme for this blog is “enjoying and thriving in all aspects of grad school life.”  Lab and courses are the most important aspects, of course, but they’re two components out of many, and it’s important to keep everything in perspective.  My goal is to share how I’m balancing it all, and budgeting my time and money, so that these next five years are not just manageable, but fun!  I’m still a first year, so I may not have it all figured it out yet- but that’s part of the adventure!  So join me as I share my tips and tricks for making my grad school years the best they can possibly be.



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