Game night!

Game night!

I’m glad to have found friends in Pittsburgh who like to play games as much as I do!  With everyone’s different schedules this semester, it’s not easy to get people together, but there was good turnout for the game night I hosted last Friday.  Luckily it’s still early enough in the semester that nobody seems totally bogged down with work just yet.

Everyone intently enjoying a game of Guillotine!
Everyone intently enjoying a game of Guillotine!

I love low key ways of getting everyone together to relax and have some fun.  Game nights are great because they keep everyone engaged and can accommodate a lot of people.  So can things like movie nights, sure, but I prefer to be able to socialize and talk when I have people over.  Otherwise, I could just as easily be by myself and not have to cook or clean! 😉

This is the 3rd game night I’ve hosted so far this academic year- and I have so many games that we haven’t repeated one yet!  So far, the group favorite has been Pandemic (I think because we’re all scientists).  Last night we played Guillotine and Chrononauts.  All of these games can be played with large groups- we typically just pair off and play in teams of two when we have more people than the game calls for.  Last night we had 9 people; I played alone because I was teaching the games.

Do you have a favorite group activity to get your friends together?  Share in the comments!


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