Curry on Murray

Curry on Murray

Yum! That’s my first reaction to seeing this dish, the Curry over Rice [with green curry] Special from Curry on Murray in Squirrel Hill.

Green curry special from Curry on Murray

It’s green curry, with chicken (or the meat of your choice) and an assortment of vegetables such as eggplant, green bell peppers, and snow peas over rice, served with a fried egg and sliced thai sausage. The flavors are perfect together. The sausage has a sweet barbecue flavor, the egg adds some richness, and the mix of ingredients and flavors in the curry fills your mouth with a burst of rich flavor. Just writing this post is making my mouth water! Even better? It only costs $9.99, no matter what time of day you order it!

I’ve never eaten in the restaurant, so I can’t comment on the service or the ambiance. I can say, however, that they are great with takeout! I’ve never had to wait longer than 10 minutes for my food to be ready, and if that’s too long for you, I don’t know how you’ve been making dinners for your entire life, but I’d like to know your secret 😉


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