Non-Stop, or, how to see movies for free

Non-Stop, or, how to see movies for free

One great way I’ve found to stay entertained while staying on a budget is free movie screenings.  Free movies? you’re thinking.  Movies are so expensive these days!  Well, that’s true, but theaters will often hold advanced screenings of upcoming movies in the days and weeks leading up to their official release.  Sites such as Gofobo and Advance Movie Screenings (the two sites that I use) list free screenings in many cities across the US, and give links to printable passes for these movies when available.  The one thing is that it can be hit-or-miss as whether you will be able to get a pass to the movie you want.  Sometimes the passes are gone weeks before the screening; sometimes they aren’t even available until the day before.  But, it’s always worth the shot to try and see a movie you would have paid for otherwise, for free!

Last night, I saw an advanced screening of Non-Stop starring Liam Neeson.  This movie falls into the category of “movies I would have paid to see in theaters,” so I was glad to find passes yesterday morning for an advanced screening that was just a short drive from my apartment!  I love action movies and was hoping that Non-Stop would live up to a few of my favorites:  Salt and The Adjustment Bureau.

Unfortunately, it didn’t.  (Possible Spoilers Ahead.)

The first 3/4 of the movie held such promise.  There was a lot of intrigue and I found myself guessing who the culprit might be after each successive event took place on the plane.  The characterization was great and I thought there were a lot of reasonable suspects on the plane!  However, as the film progressed, I began bracing myself for disappointment.  Too much time passed between each suspect being suspicious for them to reasonably be the one.

The ending was sorely disappointing.  Non-Stop turned from a potentially great action movie into a movie riddled with plot holes and political overtones, and unnecessarily.  There were about 3 sentences towards the end of the movie that successfully ruined the entire thing for me.  What could have been an interesting twist on the classic action movie became too realistic and too prejudicial at the same time.

Luckily, the screening was free!  I didn’t waste any of my money on it, and I wouldn’t recommend that anyone else do, either.  That said, I still recommend trying to find free advanced movie screenings in your area when you can.  Whether or not you like the film in the end, it saves you money and gives you a free evening out.


One thought on “Non-Stop, or, how to see movies for free

  1. Agreed! Being a Iraq war vet I found the ending disgusting. I feel betrayed and empty. If this is the way the American public views us as a treat, it’s time for the vets to leave the country before being victimized themselves thru media propaganda. No one loves the country’s freedom more then the war veteran I can assure you and they would not perform such an act against the American people.


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