Science Sunday #7

Science Sunday #7

Sorry this post is going up so late this week- I was visiting my family this weekend and didn’t finish writing the post before I went!

This week’s article is Whole Genome Scans Aren’t Quite Ready For Your Doctor’s Office, published by NPR on March 11.

I chose this article because it shows the downside to the pressure there is to get new ideas to the clinic as quickly as possible.  Hopefully articles like this will start to ground people and allow the great new technologies coming out of research labs to be perfected before being used to treat patients.  This article highlights the problems there still are with whole genome scans, which many hope will help to predict their risk of diseases and allow them to take preventative measures if desired.  Unfortunately, this technology is not yet where many hoped it would be over 10 years after its first implementation in the lab.  There are still issues with the sequencing itself, as well as analyzing the data that arises.

Important Concepts

Whole genome sequencing:  “… scientists have been saying that a genomic revolution will transform medicine, making it possible to scan all of a person’s DNA to predict risk and customize medical care.”


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