Science Sunday #15

Science Sunday #15

Young Blood May Hold Key to Reversing Aging is this week’s Science Sunday article from the May 4 edition of the New York Times.  I’m posting (and, unfortunately, writing) this post at nearly the last possible minute for it to still go up on Sunday and for that I apologize.  I promise that in future weeks these posts will be better-written and more in depth!

Very quickly, this article discusses that there are components in blood of young mice that can help to reverse aging in older mice.  While this is of course a hot topic making for an interesting article, the even more intriguing part for me was that the blood of older mice caused younger mice to age faster!  This says that there is something in our blood that is both a marker of aging as well as contributing to the aging process.  The authors were able to identify a specific protrin in the blood of the young mice that was able to affect stem cells to promote better healing.  Next, they hope to identify a homolog of that protein in humans since it could be an attractive target for therapeutics for a number of aging-related and degenerative diseases.


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