NJCE Boston Live!

NJCE Boston Live!

Today’s finally the day- I am in Boston at the Nature Jobs Career Expo!  It’s been a crazy morning so far, but despite all the running around, and the steep leqrning curve of figuring out how to best take notes to turn into an informational article later, I am having a ton of fun and I’m so thrilled to be having this opportunity.

If you’re not in Boston for the event, you can follow along with key points from all of the sessions on Twitter at #NJCEBoston.  Additionally, myself and the 4 other journalism competition winners will each have articles posted in the coming weeks covering in more detail specific sessions from the day.  So far I have covered a workshop on research opportunities in Singapore, and a session on Transferable Skills.  Later in the afternoon I will be attending a panel called Surviving and Thriving in Academia.

Those are the three sessions that I will be writing pieces about for the NatureJobs blog, but (quite unexpectedly) I have also found this event to be a great place to network, even as a first-year grad student.  I was particularly excited to learn about opportunities in both France and Switzerland for PhD candidates to spend 3-9 months learning a new technique or doing collaborative research at a university in one of those countries.  That is now something that I will be seriously pursuing as I move further into getting my degree!  It also was great to meet in person the other winners.  I enjoyed hearing about their backgrounds, goals, and reasons for entering the competition.  I’m the youngest of the winners so it also was nice to hear from colleagues at a similar career stage but maybe a bit more advanced in thinking about a job; for me right now everything outside of research just is a hobby.  But I am learning so much from so many different sources today that I will have to keep in mind in the years to come.  So far my big takeaway simply from being at the event is that you never should make assumptions about what you’ll learn from anywhere.  This conference has already been even more than I could have expected- and there are still 4 hours to go!

Check back in the coming days for a wrap-up post about the NatureJobs Career Expo, and also in a few weeks when my articles are live on the blog!


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