If you could be on a reality show, which one would you choose and why? {20SB prompt}

If you could be on a reality show, which one would you choose and why? {20SB prompt}

Well, this post is a little off the topic of this blog, but I found it amusing that this was the prompt on 20SB this week because one of my sisters and I spent most of Memorial Day Weekend discussing exactly this!  I (we) would choose to be on The Amazing Race.  In fact, we have pretty solid plans to apply until we get on beginning with next summer’s taping, when my sister will finally be 21.

I started watching The Amazing Race starting with the 4th season in 2003, when I was 12.  During the summer of 2005 I had knee surgery and (conveniently!) couldn’t get upstairs so instead slept in the living room, which had a TV.  Also conveniently, Game Show Network re-aired the first 3 seasons of The Amazing Race that summer, so to this point I have seen every single episode of the show.  My sister started watching TAR that summer- she was 11- and we’ve been waiting since then to get on the show ourselves.  It’s been a while 😉

A few summers ago (2010, I want to say) my sister, my dad and I did a race called Challenge Nation, in Philadelphia.  The premise is similar to that of The Amazing Race except, of course, that all of the challenges are within one city.  What did I realize by doing that?  My original plan had been to apply to TAR with my dad.  But- he runs so slowly; we’d never win a footrace!  So that was when I decided that even though it would take me waiting 4 extra years [ie, the age gap between us], I would wait to apply with my sister.  She’ll finally turn 21 next May!

I suppose since I’ve been wanting to be on TAR for nearly half my life now, I could call it a “life’s goal” to get on the show.  I love traveling, and I’ve been to 8 countries and 27 states (for varying lengths of time) but always want to visit more!  The newest addition to my list was West Virginia, which I visited for the first time just two weeks ago!  I love languages and between my sister and I we speak 4 (English, French, Chinese, Spanish), plus she speaks bits of Hebrew and I understand some Italian…  hopefully that will work to our benefit, though I certainly plan on trying to learn at least conversational bits of some other languages before going on TAR!  You never know what random places they’ll make you travel to.  But that’s the fun of the race and why I am so excited to finally be able to apply next year.  I love traveling and seeing/experiencing new places…and a million dollars won’t hurt when we win the whole thing! 😉

I’m also hyper-critical of the teams that are on the race.  Seriously- after 24 seasons, read the clue!!!  I get that the race can be a lot of pressure but I do hope that my sister and I will be able to race smartly and not make stupid mistakes like the ones that cost so many teams the race.  Fighting?  Not us!  Sticking with a horrible taxi driver?  No way!  And we’re both willing to jump off of/out of things 😉  The hardest part for us will be food challenges since my sister is vegetarian, and I am allergic to some things.  But that won’t stop us from trying as hard as we can to get on The Amazing Race starting next summer!  (And thanks, 20SB, for having this as the prompt this week- I had so much fun writing this post!)


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