Dinner for $5 {20SB Contest}

Dinner for $5 {20SB Contest}

My next post this week is going to be a little on the angsty side (fair warning) so for now, let’s talk about something happy- food!- and something else happy- money!- and how to enjoy both of them!

The most recent cooking competition from 20SB that I am participating in is called Dinner for $5.  The rules state that the per-serving cost of the meal must be under $5.  That’s honestly more than the budget I normally operate on when I cook for myself, and conveniently I made an intriguing and inexpensive dish just as this contest was opening, which I am going to share today.

Not your traditional breakfast-for-dinner!

It’s my play on breakfast for dinner:  Cinnamon pasta from Ohio City Pasta at the Pittsburgh Public Market (and various farmers markets around town); ground turkey seasoned with cumin; shredded mozzarella cheese; and an egg yolk as the sauce which I cracked over the hot pasta/turkey right at the end.  The dish is super easy to assemble:  just dump all the ingredients into a bowl and go!


Pasta:  $1/serving (sold as individual servings)
Turkey:  $5/1.25 lb; I used 1/4 lb so $1/serving
Cumin:  I don’t think spices need to count, but I had a coupon and got my cumin free from Penzeys Spices (so it doesn’t matter anyway!)
Cheese:  A bag at the grocery store is ~$3, and I just used a handful…so, ~50¢/serving
Egg:  A dozen eggs is about $3, and I used 1/12 so 25¢/serving

That makes a grand total of………..$2.75 for the dish!

This is a super basic version of a dish that has many, many possibilities for expansion.  I wanted to add bacon, actually, but I’d run out and not realized so until I was hungry and ready to dig in.  That would have turned up the breakfast vibe of the dish.  You could also add in some veggies when you cook the meat- tomatoes would be yummy, as would black beans or carrots.  With farmers market season getting started, veggies are quite easy to find, and are not too expensive.  All of these variations would still keep the price per serving under $5.  Bon appetit!


3 thoughts on “Dinner for $5 {20SB Contest}

  1. the cinnamon pasta would probably be ahmazing with like a pumpkin/butternut squash-infused alfredo sauce.
    i have a hard time getting servings under $5, but that’s because my portion sizes tend me to be huuuuge.. something im working on!!


  2. Sounds delicious and what a great idea! If I get around to trying it, I would probably leave out the egg yolk but that’s because they freak me out. I should try subbing in egg white.


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