Three Rivers Arts Festival

Three Rivers Arts Festival

Last weekend I finally made it over to the Three Rivers Arts Festival!   It’s a ten-day long celebration of the arts, and not only the arts in Pittsburgh- people (vendors and attendees alike) came from all over the country.  The festival is over for this year but I had such a great time that I want to write about it anyway.  If you didn’t make it there this year, keep an eye out for next year’s dates for sure!

Three Rivers Arts Fest banner.jpg

The festival encompasses 3 main things (at least from my perspective as a first-time attendee):  fine arts, music, and food.

Fine arts:  first of all, there is an Artist’s Market, and if you came to downtown by bus, this would be the first area of the festival that you would hit.  It’s just rows and rows of tents, each a different artist selling their work.  The assortment of vendors changes a few times during the festival, so make sure you stop by a few times!  I did not realize this early enough this year, so I didn’t go downtown until day 8.  But next year I want to see all the vendors.  A lot of the art was out of my price range, but it was still beautiful to look at!

If you are more in to creating art, there was a Creativity Tent that had ongoing activities- mostly for kids, though anyone was welcome- every afternoon.  This year it was located at Point State Park, so the view from those tents was gorgeous!   I didn’t make anything there though, so that is all I can say.

I got this cute tote bag design from Garbella!  (Click the image to get to her site.)
I got this cute tote bag design from Garbella at the festival! (Click the image to get to her site.)

Music:  Concerts, concerts, concerts! There were singers and bands of all sorts performing on something like 5 different stages all day and night during the Arts Fest.  Some of the stages were off by themselves while others were set up in the midst of the Artist’s Market.  Pretty much wherever you were, you could hear music, and that was a lot of fun!  Some people even brought lawn chairs or blankets to sit on and listen to the bands playing at Point State Park.  When the weather stayed nice and the ground wasn’t soggy, that looked like a nice way to enjoy an evening.

Big Bite Tour.jpg

Food:  Last in this list, but certainly not least!  The festival sells some food (cash only, which I rarely keep on hand so I did not get anything from them).  What particularly interested me to go down there when I did was Food Truck Friday!  There were about 10 trucks parked around the edge of the festival, including many that I’d eaten at or heard of before (BRGR, Fraktuary, Saucy Mama’s, and Mac ‘n Gold) as well as a couple of new ones including another meatball truck (which unfortunately wasn’t too good) and a sushi truck (which intrigued me but I just wasn’t in the mood).  On Sunday, the Big Bite Tour (which I hadn’t heard of until then) was at the festival.  You can click the link to get more information, but pretty much they were there to give out free food and coupons from their participating brands!  I made out with not only the samples I ate while there but also some free bread, crackers, sugar, and pretzels!

All in all the festival was a lot of fun.  Next year I will spend even more days down there!


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