LUCKY US {20SB Book Review and Giveaway!} (#LuckyUs)

LUCKY US {20SB Book Review and Giveaway!} (#LuckyUs)

Thanks to 20SB and Random House I received an advanced reader’s edition of Lucky Us, a new book by author Amy Bloom that will hit shelves on July 29th!  You can win a copy of Lucky Us:  find out how at the bottom of the post!

Lucky Us is about two half-sisters, Iris and Eva, who first meet after Iris’ mother passes away (don’t worry- this happens on the third page of the book- all the more interesting stuff happens afterwards!).  The book chronicles their adventures across the United States and abroad from the year they meet, 1939, until 1949.  During that time, they encounter a whole slew of people from different walks of life, and the same people continue to cross paths with Iris and Eva for many different reasons over that decade.  Some of the encounters are humorous, some are serious, and some are outright tragic, but all in all the combine to tell an emotional and believable coming-of-age story that is relatable today.

ImageHistorical fiction isn’t typically the genre I gravitate towards.  Not that I have anything against it- it’s just been years since I’ve read anything in the genre.  This is namely because I don’t like history, and I tend to have trouble identifying the key historical references in those stories, making them difficult to follow.  I am happy to say that while Lucky Us overtly references historical events from 1939-1949, this is an era that most people are familiar with, as it mostly encompasses WWII.  So while I did miss some of the more obscure historical references, it didn’t compromise my ability to understand the story.

I’ve never read anything by Amy Bloom before, but I absolutely will now be on the lookout for her other novels.  She has such a way with words that every sentence is important, every page gives you so much information and the story moves along beautifully.  It took me a few chapters to get a hang of reading her writing, as the story is told in both the traditional chapter format from Eva’s POV as well as letters written by other major characters, typically to Eva.  But once I understood how the story was formatted, I appreciated how comprehensive each character’s story arc was in a book that is only just over 200 pages.

If Lucky Us sounds like a book you’re interested in reading this summer, you can enter to win a copy courtesy of Random House!  (US only- sorry!)  There are 3 ways to enter:

  1. Leave a comment below about either the best adventure you’ve ever been on, or an adventure you would like to take.  (1 entry/person)
  2. Tell me what book is on your summer reading list!  (1 entry/person)
  3. Share this post on Twitter or Pinterest using the hashtag #LuckyUs and leave your post URL in a comment.  (1 entry/day = 8 entries/person)

The contest is open until June 30th, so get commenting/tweeting!

FTC Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of Lucky Us from 20SB/Random House in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.


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