A super-foodie weekend: part 1

A super-foodie weekend: part 1

I love summer weekends in Pittsburgh. There is always so much going on, seemingly to make up for the winter when it is impossible to enjoy going outside. This weekend in particular I have been enjoying a whole slew of foodie events!


Yesterday was the Return to Pizza Dojo, where Bread and Salt Bakery and Pizza Boat competed against each other to see who could sell out of 100 pizzas the fastest. (Pizza Boat won.) However…I got pizza from both competitors and preferred that of Bread and Salt- their crust was chewier and frankly just tasted better, and their choice of topping- yellow tomatoes- was surprising but tasted delicious and sweet and it worked.


The Pizza Dojo was my first stop in a weekend to be filled with Pittsburgh foodie goodness. (I’m on my way now to Pierogi Night versus Tacos.) So, another post will be in order later in the weekend to highlight the rest!

Update 7.27.24: Β Links added!


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