Foodie Friday #2: Apples!

Foodie Friday #2: Apples!

Foodie Friday #2 -apples

It’s been a few weeks since I introduced Foodie Friday. It’s back again, and this week’s topic is apples! Apples are traditionally an autumn fruit, but I’ve been seeing them at farmer’s markets here in Pittsburgh the past couple of weeks and that got me to thinking about what to do with them. I’ve especially been brainstorming ideas on how to use apples in recipes that don’t require using the oven (summer heat still being a problem).

I’m sure that when I first said “apples,” your mind jumped to apple pie. But here are some other suggestions for how to use this versatile fruit!

Β -In savory dishes. Stew cubed apples with earthy vegetables like mushrooms or leeks, then serve as a side dish or over pasta or rice as the main course.

-In a salad, the perfect summer dish. Also include bacon, and dress with a light vinaigrette or with creamy ranch, depending on your taste.

-On (or in) ice cream! Certainly not a traditional flavor, but you can get the flavors of homemade apple pie in summer by quickly heating up apples and cinnamon in a frying pan, and then tossing them on top of vanilla ice cream. Yum!

So there you have it: clever ways to use this fall staple other times of the year. What else have you used apples for outside of baking? I’m curious!


2 thoughts on “Foodie Friday #2: Apples!

  1. ive made sauteed green apples with turnips as a side dish, flavored with honey and a little chili powder. and you can’t forget that applesauce and pork are natural together πŸ™‚


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