More Pittsburgh fun

More Pittsburgh fun

A highlight of some fun events I’ve been to around Pittsburgh the past few weeks- foodie, and (surprisingly), not!

Pierogi Night.jpgI briefly mentioned this in my last post, but last week I went to Pierogi Night, which is a monthly popup restaurant that serves pierogis and another food.  This month was Pierogi Night vs Tacos, and it was delicious!  For just $10 I got this beautiful takeout box full of 5 pierogis and 2 tacos; the other option was $10 for an all-you-can-eat buffet of these items.  My favorite thing in the box was potato, grilled scallion, sauteed corn, and dill pierogis.  I can’t wait for this month’s event!


Flea Market.jpgThis is the non-foodie event I mentioned- the Neighborhood Flea!  This was the first Neighborhood Flea event and it took place in the Strip District at the end of July.  Admittedly it was not a flea market like I’m used to- one where people go with loads of old, generally useless stuff and set up tables filled with these mismatched items.  This event featured vintage sellers, many of whom also run local stores that sell these same items on a daily basis.  However, no complaints here now that I know what to expect.  I actually found some cute paper flowers that are now decorating the entry to my apartment!


Oh My Grill 1.jpgAnd last but certainly not least, I finally made it to try Oh My Grill, a grilled cheese food truck, this past weekend at Weather Permitting.  Oh My Grill is one of the few food trucks in Pittsburgh that I had left to try, and boy was it worth it.  I got “The Usual” which is filled with buffalo chicken and served with a buffalo dipping sauce.  SO good!  I always burn one side of the sandwich when I make grilled cheese for myself so it was particularly pleasant to eat a properly cooked one 😉  They will definitely be getting my business again.


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