A year! (a retrospective)

A year! (a retrospective)

This month marks one whole year that I’ve been living in Pittsburgh. I can hardly believe it! A year ago today is when I drove from NJ to Pittsburgh with all of my furniture and officially “moved in”.

As anyone who is a grad student knows, the first year- of adjusting to a new city, trying to balance classes and lab, and remaining sane in the process- can be tumultuous. But looking back over everything I am pleased with all that I’ve learned and accomplished. Classes weren’t necessarily fun, but I believe they’ve prepared me well. And I’ve learned, especially, that things are not always as bad as their reputation (take that, Foundations!)

From a personal perspective I can say that I’ve grown a lot living on my own. I’ve been able to think about things that weren’t important when I was living at home but are for my future as an adult: what I believe, how I act, and really what I want to do with my life.

So in retrospect (though, honestly, as it was happening, too), I’ve had a good year. And I’m happy that I can say that and look forward to many (but not too many 😉 ) more here in Pittsburgh.


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