New (school) year, new goals

New (school) year, new goals


Inspired by a friend who just celebrated a birthday and made a list of goals for her next year, here are my goals for the upcoming academic year:  (I’d do the birthday thing, too, but my birthday is the last week of December which is awfully close to New Year’s…)

  1. Carve out a better work-life balance.  To me that’s going to mean efficiently getting done what I need to in lab each day, not procrastinating, and leaving when I’m done instead of staying longer without reason.  I want to have energy and time left for myself each day, whether that’s in the mornings before lab, or in the evenings once I get home.
  2. Motivate myself to do more creative things.  I’ve been in touch with my crafty side recently and I enjoy decorating, so I want to do more of that, especially since I’m staying in the same apartment for at least the next year and probably longer.  I finally feel like I’m settled in, and I want to have fun with the space I have!  I’m also intrigued by the idea of doing a video series tied to my blog (maybe about food, or maybe more broadly about creative things around Pittsburgh).
  3. Budget my time better so that I don’t get stressed out over things I’ve procrastinated on.  I’m taking on a lot this upcoming year:  besides lab and classes and other school stuff, I’m also now running the Squirrel Hill Genealogy Club and taking on more of a role in planning and marketing the writing workshops I’ve been running since last year.  I love it all but it means I need to start being more organized and on top of getting things done in a timely manner.
  4. Stop being lazy.  I know I sound harsh on myself here, but I also know that if I devoted even an additional hour per day to doing something productive, I could accomplish so much more.  I want to get better at ASL, learn Italian, work on genealogy, write more consistently, and go to synagogue every once in a while besides just on holidays.  But as soon as the TV goes on, I’m glued to the couch until it’s time for bed.  I need to break that cycle and pass my time more usefully.
  5. Keep my apartment clean.  This definitely ties in with the “being lazy” item- some things tend to always end up on my I’ll do it tomorrow list.  But it results in piles of dishes and laundry that I just never want to conquer.  I’d love to start a list of household tasks to do each day so that all I have to do doesn’t become overwhelming, and so I can feel accomplished knowing I’ve tackled one (self-assigned) task each day.

There’s nothing quite like trying to revamp your life- but I’ve been frustrated enough lately with the status quo that I know now’s the time to do it.

Anyone want to join in with me and make a list of goals for the new school year?  Write a post like this and share in the comments.  Let’s motivate each other to stay on track!  And use the hashtag #schoolyeargoals on Twitter!


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