The beginning of year 2

The beginning of year 2

Classes start again today!

In grad school, it’s too easy to be cynical about classes when the primary commitment is “supposed to be” research. But this semester, I am actually excited for my class schedule, and I think it’ll be a nice balance with my lab work.  I’m taking a few immunology classes:  Immunology of Human Disease, journal club, and seminar; a teaching-oriented seminar called Preparation for the STEM Classroom; and I’m- voluntarily- TAing a section of the first-year graduate student course Foundations of Biomedical Science.  All of that adds up to about 6 hours per week, and it’ll be nice to have a few things to keep my attention and still feel like I’m being a productive scientist.

I feel kind of strange actually feeling excited about classes, and especially when I’m talking about it with other grad school friends since the typical refrain is of annoyance.  But more than in previous semesters of grad school I finally feel settled in, since I’ve been in my thesis lab for almost 3 months now and I feel like I can plan ahead instead of winging it as mucha s I did last year during rotations.  I’m eagerly anticipating this fresh start!


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