Cool PGH Events: Tech Shop 21+ night!

Cool PGH Events: Tech Shop 21+ night!

The fire was controlled by playing the piano- at Tech Shop

Tech Shop is an awesome maker-space located in Bakery Square in Pittsburgh. I’ve been intrigued by “maker culture” since last summer when the extension of my Israel trip was about innovation.  I’d stopped by Tech Shop before but never had the opportunity to walk around until now:  a 21+ party to benefit Big Brother Big Sister and showcase Tech Shop and some other local businesses.  The event was super chill and a lot of fun…and I’d become a member of Tech Shop if only I wasn’t a poor grad student!  The idea of having access to all the machinery and equipment to create projects you concieve is pretty awesome.

Now, about the event, because they’ve announced that they will be having these 21+ benefit nights quarterly now:  for $15 entry, you get access to explore Tech Shop and learn about what they do and participate in some activities (I made a glasses case out of laser-cut felt, and a magnetic light up dart…thing…); see demos from the Carnegie Science Center, the Pittsburgh Glass Center, and others; drink your fill of beer from local breweries; munch on food from local restaurants (though the restaurants could have planned better and brought more; most ran out at leat an hour before the event ended); and enter raffles for cool prizes such as gift cards to restaurants and bars in the area, tickets to upcoming festivals, and even a membership to Tech Shop!  So, your $15 is well spent!  It’s a party for people who like to think and make stuff while they socialize.  I’ll be at the next one for sure!

To learn more about Tech Shop you can visit their website as it will explain things better than I will!


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