Let’s run

Let’s run

It’s an exhilarating feeling for me to be allowed to run with one of my crazy ideas/side projects, and even more so when other people appreciate that they’re being done.

I can’t pinpoint exactly when I became interested in policy and management, though it’s been a fairly recent development.  This year, I’ve been trying to find ways throughout the University to get more experience in the area, and luckily (in a way), the constitution of our Biomedical Graduate Student Association is in desperate need of review.  I’ve thought this since I first joined the BGSA soon after I started grad school, and this year I finally feel like I have enough klout in the organization to pursue making the changes.

I’ve been working on writing a set of amendments for about a month, and yesterday I sat down with the president of the BGSA to go over my proposed changes and talk about how we want this process to move forward.  What started out as a simple review of what I’d written turned into a 2 and a half hour meeting that culminated with us brainstorming ways to restructure the government of the entire organization, with renaming positions and redistributing responsibilities.  As someone with a mind for how pipelines and organizations would function more efficiently, I’m extremely thankful that our president is on board with me running with these changes.  Whether they get approved or not, at least I have the freedom to pursue the idea.  It’s liberating.


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