Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I’m a big fan of the day after holidays- November 1, December 26, February 15.  The holidays themselves, not so much.  I don’t celebrate Christmas, and I’m not in a relationship to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Halloween, on the other hand, is a holiday for most everyone.  Kids go trick-or-treating, college students go drinking, and even adults get in on the fun by handing out candy or walking around with their kids.  It’s a holiday for most everyone, I said- because it’s not for those of us who hate dressing up.  I fall neatly into that category.  Unfortunately for me, costumes are the crux of Halloween, and it’s weird to go out on October 31 in normal attire, especially if everyone you are with is excited to be dressed up.  But it’s equally as awkward to put on a costume and pretend to enjoy any second of wearing it.  So here I am, on the morning of Halloween, still trying to decide what, if anything, to dress up as, or if I’d rather just stay home for the evening.  I hate dressing up.  I like 50% off candy- I can’t wait for November 1.


4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I don’t like dressing up, either. I will concede to wearing a Halloween themed teet-shirt, a headband with car ears, or a hat. And even then, only if I really feel like it. Halloween is for my children. 🙂


  2. I hated dressing up for a long time. It isn’t a big deal. If you don’t want to dress up, don’t dress up and don’t let anyone give you a hard time about it. In the past few years – I have had more fun making a costume than wearing the costume.

    If you need help finding some non-costume events – let me know.


    1. I just hate having to think of a costume that will meet the implicit social judgements that come with- something witty, not stupid, understandable…the list goes on, and it’s too much to deal with.


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