Lab meeting number one

Lab meeting number one

A week ago (whoops about the delay!) I gave my first lab meeting presentation- not only in my current lab, but ever.  I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had to present my research.

I don’t have a problem public speaking.  In fact, I find public speaking easier than having one-on-one conversations with people!  But that comes with one caveat:  the more people I know in the audience, the more difficult of a time I have with a presentation.  Lab meeting consists of only people with whom I work every day, making giving lab meeting what I think is the worst kind of oral presentation I’ll encounter as a scientist.

Thankfully, my presentation went well!  It was a useful time in the timeline of my project to get feedback from everyone in my lab, and it fostered a productive discussion with my PI over what experiments I’ll be working on come 2015- a conversation that wouldn’t have happened if not for my presentation.  And my labmates were good about giving me reassuring feedback afterwards, making me think that maybe as my time in the lab goes on, I will get more confident about giving lab meeting after all.

Luckily, though, we only meet once a month on a rotating schedule, so I don’t have to present again until May!


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