Happy Friendsgiving!

Happy Friendsgiving!

It’s the week leading up to Thanksgiving, and in the midst of this crazy semester I’m sure looking forward to this holiday weekend more than I ordinarily would be looking forward to going home.  But before Thanksgiving on Thursday, there’s something just as important that gets celebrated this time of year:  Friendsgiving!Friendsgiving 2014

This year marks the first time that I’ve celebrated Friensgiving, admittedly, but for the past few years I’ve heard from friends of mine who have celebrated it with other groups of their friends, and this year I wanted to do it myself.

Thanksgiving turkey
My first (and last…) ever Thanksgiving turkey!

It was a small affair at my apartment, just 7 of us total- and still with people sitting on the floor!  But I had a fun day in the kitchen preparing breads, soup, and even a turkey (!)*, and it was potluck-style for the sides.  A few of the friends that came to Friendsgiving are ones I haven’t hung out with as much lately, so it was a nice evening to get everyone together.  And quite honestly, there’s little that can go wrong with a celebration that’s based around eating! 😉  I was pleased to get a positive reception from my friends about the food and about the event as a whole.

Happy Friends/Thanksgiving, all!  Enjoy the food, and the family!

*That’s the first and last turkey I will ever cook- too stressful to figure out how to tell when it’s done…I kept my 11 pound turkey in the oven for 5 hours just to be safe!  If you’re wondering, it still was moist and tasted great.  But not great enough to be worth the stress.


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