I am an introvert, and I am okay.

I am an introvert, and I am okay.

A few months ago I read Susan Cain’s book Quiet. I enjoyed the book. It was a worthwhile read, and it was interesting to discover how many more parts of my personality can be attributed to introversion that I’d previously known. I was equally as excited to discover that Cain has a website and a Facebook presence and was working on starting an online community for introverts- Quiet Rev– which launched this week.

However, I’m quite disappointed by the culture of posts that are included on the site. All that I’ve seen so far are either about introverts who have long struggled with their personality, or introverts who have overcome that. And while that’s helpful to, likely, a large number of introverts, I can say that it is certainly not to all. Not all introverts have had difficulties accepting their introversion. I haven’t.

And so despite the amalgamation of introvert-centric content on Quiet Rev, I feel out of place there, lost. I never suspected that I was in the minority of introverts. In fact, until quite recently it didn’t occur to me that what a lot of introverts are looking for is the affirmation and support I’ve had from my family all my life. With that, I accept that Quiet Rev can be the place for that for a large number of introverts. In its present state, though, the site alienates those of us introverts who are content but still looking for a safe place to connect. I hope that changes soon.


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