Cocktails & Construction @ Station

Cocktails & Construction @ Station

My favorite type of event to attend in Pittsburgh is any where food is involved! With Pittsburgh rapidly gaining broad recognition for its restaurants, it’s a lot of fun to be a part of experiencing all these (delicious) changes first-hand. I try to eat at as many different restaurants as possible around the city, and this weekend I had the unique opportunity to visit a restaurant that’s not yet even open to the public (though it will be next week!): Station, on Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield.

Cocktails & Construction was held at Station last Saturday. The bar and kitchen were finished but the dining areas still needed tables, chairs, and upholstery on the booths. It was a fun and relaxed atmosphere, though, with a DJ playing in the back room. Because the owner was out on the floor mingling with the guests, it lent a personal touch to the event and made us even more excited to be there tasting the food!

Cocktails & ConstructionThe menu was supposed to be 5 small plates, 4 from Station and 1 from The Vandal (opening soon in Lawrenceville!). It turned out, instead, to be 6 offerings from station + 1 from The Vandal. More food is usually better, and the dishes from both restaurants did not disappoint!

Station small platesThe dishes included (clockwise from top left): savory bread pudding with chicken liver mousse; chickpea fritter with roasted carrots and sea salt; a “Louisville lemonade” bourbon shandy; garlic crouton topped with roasted tomatoes and an Old Bay aioli; and a sour dough crostini with beef tongue pastrami + broccoli cheese sauce + pickled chilis. Below is the chicken wing with salsa verde (top) and the salted caramel panna cotta (bottom). (Not pictured is the dish from The Vandal- a crostini with herb butter and fresh carrots.)

Station small plates 2


So much food…so delicious! Even the odd-sounding flavors (or beef tongue alone!) were approachable and worked well with familiar flavors like broccoli or tomatoes. My favorite dish of the evening was the bread pudding + chicken liver mousse because, oddly I suppose, chicken liver mousse is one of my favorite foods and bread pudding is not far behind!

Station is scheduled to open to the public a week from today (August 3) for dinner service, Weds-Mon. You can find them on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

P.S.: I tend to live-tweet and/or live-insta events like this. You can find me @desabsurdites on both platforms!


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