I’m searchable on PubMed!

I’m searchable on PubMed!

While this has, apparently, been possible since May, I just learned this morning that I am searchable on PubMed! Two of the 3 articles I’m an author on this year are up.

PubMed search Aliyah Weinstein

One is a third author paper on research from one of my rotations. Any recognition for having spent such a short amount of time in the lab is welcome.

The other is my book chapter on tertiary lymphoid structures in the tumor microenvironment! This I’m particularly proud of. It took a lot of work to do the background reading to pull this together, and I did it before my comps, meaning that preparing to write the chapter was the first time I had to dig so deep into the literature. It’s a really good feeling to see all those months of work come to fruition. It was also interesting to see who else contributed chapters to the book- the author list includes some big names in the field of cancer immunology, and some of our competitors doing similar research in tertiary lymphoid structures. It’s cool to be included in a list with those scientists!


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