Messy me.

Messy me.

My apartment is a mess. I don’t think that anyone, at any time in my life, would have called me a “neat” or “organized” person. And to some degree, I like a bit of clutter. It’s way easier for me to remember where things are when they’re scattered all over the place instead of being in manicured piles.

But to some degree, the mess makes it hard to focus on other things. When I’m sitting on my couch- as I am, now, writing this- I can see the piles of papers and mail on my desk, the dishes in my sink. And it’s distracting.

I tend to get a lot of writing and a lot of work done when I’m on vacation, and that was certainly true last weekend when I was in Michigan. I wrote 2 blog posts, drafted another article I’m working on, graded 1/4 of the exams for the class I’m TAing, and finished a novel I was in the middle of reading- in addition to doing all of the vacation-y things I had planned! And I’m largely the same kind of productive at work, if I move from my cluttered, tiny desk to the break area, which has huge, shared tables- lots of space, and no way to make a mess when the entire department has to share the space!

I need to find a way to make that kind of productivity possible while I’m at home, too. It’s certainly easier when I am in a shared kind of space. At home, I’m starting from scratch on the cleaning front, and it’s my responsibility alone to keep up with it and hold myself accountable. I always think that if something is important enough, I’ll do it, but I’m no longer convinced that’s the case. It’s easy enough in the short term to put some effort into ignoring the mess, and the rest of the effort into pushing through and getting my work done, instead of dividing and conquering the mess one day so it’s easier in the long-term future to get all the rest of the things done.

It’s something I’m working on. I need it to improve my productivity. Anybody have suggestions that might help here?

The Featured Image on this post is used under the CC License and was taken by Allen Glodlblatt.


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