Best of the Burgosphere!

Best of the Burgosphere!

Happy November! Apparently, this is also the start of National Blogging Month. Who knew that was a thing? Maybe in the spirit, I’ll try to blog more regularly this month =)

In honor of National Blogging Month, I’m participating in Best of the Burgosphere, a celebration of Pittsburgh blogging! and assign a category that best fits the blog/blogger they were assigned.

One thing I like in blogs I read is a strong voice. It’s something I’m working towards on my blog, and I think at the core of it, it’s what draws readers in and keeps them coming back for more. You have to be passionate about what you are blogging about, and convey that to your readers. For Best of the Burgosphere, I was assigned I’ve met Thomas before and popped over to his blog, but never really sat down to read his posts before this. His blog focuses on LGBTQ issues, and I really enjoy that each post has a clear point of view that Thomas is able to express precisely and honestly, without being provocative. Of all the voices a blog can have, I know that not everyone is accepting of the voices of the LGBTQ community. That’s why I’ve given him the award “Most likely to fearlessly voice their opinion“.

You can view a list of all the participating blogs and everyone’s “award” by clicking here. I know I’m excited to discover new Pittsburgh blogs and find some new inspiration for my blogging journey along the way!

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