Why I didn’t hate Halloween this year.

Why I didn’t hate Halloween this year.

Halloween is, in fact, my least favorite holiday. So thank goodness it’s over! I hate getting dressed up, I hate trying to guess what other people are dressed up as, and, as with the rest of the year, I have no interest in going out to a bar. I like candy, but that’s what November 1st is for- discounted candy at Target! 😉

But this year, I actually enjoyed Halloween a little bit more than usual. I was pleased to find two pre-Halloween events that actually catered towards my interest- both were very laid back, at cool venues, and had lots of delicious free food from Pittsburgh restaurants! The first was a 21+ Night at Tech Shop, and the other was a Yelp party at Mattress Factory.

Blacksmithing at Tech Shop

This was my second 21+ Night at Tech shop, and while the Halloween event was smaller than the previous one, it did not disappoint! It was actually easier to navigate and participate with less people in the space. Costumes were optional (and mine wasn’t finished yet, so I went costume-free), but one of the activities was to decorate a mask, so it worked out for those of us not quite prepared for Halloween more than a week in advance. As always at this sort of event, there were plenty of snacks and drinks to indulge in. But my favorite thing about the various 21+ Nights that exist all over Pittsburgh is the variety of venues and the unique twist that each venue brings to the event. At Tech Shop, I got to watch a blacksmithing demonstration (photo above) and even take home a little metal leaf I watched being made. I’m also thoroughly intrigued by 3D printers, especially their ability to print pieces that move, and got to play with some neat designs like gears and a tiny robot.

The Yelp event was my first visit to the Mattress Factory; I’ve never made it there even though so many of my friends have raved about it over the past few years. The Yelp events consist primarily of lots and lots of food and drink establishments giving away samples; I was really pleased this time with a delicious apple crumble from Savoy, smoked salmon spread by Local, and as always, delicious hummus from Greek Gourmet. I also got my nails painted in an adorable Halloween design from Metamorphosis Organic Salon. (I guess that counts as my first sort-of manicure?) And the Mattress Factory itself…I can’t wait to go back and explore more! I am really a fan of modern art and had fun poking around some of the exhibits, including the mirrored rooms (photo below).

Mirrored Rooms at the Mattress Factory

So I didn’t hate Halloween this year. That’s a step forward! And now I know for next year to keep an eye out for events like this again. Maybe now Halloween will start moving up in my ranking of holidays 🙂

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