#AliyahByTrain is a month away!

#AliyahByTrain is a month away!

Guys! In one month, I’m leaving on my cross-country train trip! I am SO EXCITED for this! Here’s where I’ll be going:

I’m leaving Pittsburgh and heading westbound: Pittsburgh -> Chicago -> Omaha -> Salt Lake City -> Sacramento -> Portland -> Essex -> Chicago -> NYC. Overall, the trip will take me 2 weeks from leaving Pittsburgh to arriving in New York. I’ll be seeing friends in Chicago and in Omaha, and otherwise traveling by myself. I’m really excited, though, to see a whole new part of the United States, including traveling to or through 8 states that are new to me!

I’ll be blogging along the way, and you can read all about my trip right here on Isn’t That Grad or by following #AliyahByTrain on Twitter. Have suggestions of cool places I can visit at any of my stops (Chicago, Omaha, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, or Portland)? Tweet at me using the same hashtag to let me know!

And stay tuned for a couple more preview posts before I hit the road tracks on December 15th!

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One thought on “#AliyahByTrain is a month away!

  1. Wow! Looks like a fun trip! I traveled by Amtrak from Chicago to New York City, it was a surreal experience. I actually recently wrote a blog post on it. Hope you have a fun and safe journey!


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