Nap comfortably with the NapAnywhere! {product review}

Nap comfortably with the NapAnywhere! {product review}

If you’re anything like me, you like to sleep when you travel. I always have high aspirations of getting work done on a plane or bus ride, but inevitably get motion sick or simply tired, and end up conking out not long in to the journey. But then…then comes hours of sleeping in a cramped seat with nowhere good to lay your head. The window is always just a little too far away to comfortably lean on, and leaning straight forward or backward is not at all a natural position.

Enter the NapAnywhere!

It’s a portable head support that you place on your shoulder and adjust until you can lean your head at the most comfortable angle for you. It travels flat and folds together quickly so that when you’re traveling and ready to sleep, you can do so without waking up with an uncomfortable ache in your neck.

NapAnywhere folded unfolded

I used the NapAnywhere on a recent bus trip back to see my family in New Jersey. The bus ride is about 7 hours long, and though it’s convenient to not be in the driver’s seat for that trip, it quickly becomes boring and the only thing to do is to sleep. I’d practiced folding up the NapAnywhere a couple of days before my trip (which is recommended- it’s useful to watch a tutorial). On the bus, I decided to break out the NapAnywhere and nap most of the way. I was able to adjust the NapAnywhere so that I could lean my head at a slight angle, without stretching too far to lean on the window, or laying my head straight back as with an ordinary neck pillow. I got all the rest I needed and woke up completely comfortable!

While the NapAnywhereΒ doesn’t look like your typical travel pillow, that’s because it’s not designed to- it’s placement and structure are more compatible with people’s natural biomechanics than a U-shaped pillow that you typically see. I’m a convert!

Now, you can buy a NapAnywhere toΒ use during your own holiday travels for only $49 and FREE shipping (a nearly $20 savings). If you buy more than 1 NapAnywhere in the same order, additional items are only $40! And you can find them in any color you like- I chose the red, but you can also find black, blue, green, and pink!

Thank you, NapAnywhere, for helping to sponsor #AliyahByTrain! Readers, you can connect with NapAnywhere on Twitter.

Have you used a NapAnywhere? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts about this, or your own favorite travel product! (And Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers!)

FTC Disclaimer: I received a NapAnywhere for free in exchange for providing this review. All opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.


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