Nebraska with Brooke!

Nebraska with Brooke!

Two days into my trip and I am already done with all the stops where I’ll see friends. Yesterday I spent in Omaha, NE with my friend Brooke, a grad school friend who moved back to NE last spring. Unlike my last visit to Omaha (yes, I’ve been there before- one of the odder random cities I’ve seen), this time I was there with someone who knows the city, and so got to see a lot more of it and understand the area.

Who knew there was a food scene in Omaha?! I certainly didn’t the last time, but yesterday we enjoyed some delicious and unique food, including my lunch of a carrot dog (like a hot dog, except it’s a carrot!) and a chocolate cupcake with some of the best icing I’ve ever had (milk chocolate buttercream). Brooke used to work in restaurants around Omaha, so she knew the best places to take me to eat and none of them disappointed!

Carrot dog

President Gerald Ford was born in Omaha, so we stopped by his birthplace.


We went into the Joslyn Art Museum (fancy– but free admission!) and walked through its sculpture garden.


We popped in the old Omaha Union Station- much more ornate than the current Amtrak station, which I actually didn’t go into since you can access the platform directly from the parking lot, but which is just a one-room, rundown building with no amenities.

Omaha’s old Union Station

And, being with someone who lives in the city, we got to see some local gems that would have been impossible for me to find otherwise, like this tiny zodiac garden, located on the roof of a shopping center.

Me and my zodiac sign 😉

And I got to catch up with Brooke, who I haven’t seen since April and have talked to some since then, but not too much. It was a really nice day! And, even though only two days into my trip, a nice break from the train so that I could repack my bags to be more accessible while I’m on the train, and to sleep in a bed since I didn’t sleep too well my first night on the train.

My first impression of Omaha, the last time I visited, was that I liked it, and my first impressions of cities tend to stick. My impression of Omaha absolutely did! Nothing particular that I can pinpoint in comparison to other “sprawly” cities that I haven’t liked (and thought I hadn’t liked because of accessibility, but that doesn’t seem to be the case), but Omaha’s a good one.

I’m writing this late and I’m already en route to Salt Lake City. There’ll be another blog post coming very soon today all about my first impressions of Colorado!


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