Happy birthday to me! Love, a train.

Happy birthday to me! Love, a train.

Happy birthday to me! I am still on a train.

I knew I’d be traveling for most of the day on my birthday, but did not realize that the Coast Starlight (the train I’m on headed into Portland) has one of the lowest on-time ratings of all trains at just 50%. We left Sacramento yesterday about an hour and a half late and instead of making up any time throughout the day, will actually be arriving in Portland two and a half hours late. Boo 😦

Luckily, there are two lounge cars on this train and only one of them has a cafe car, meaning the other one has been virtually empty and very quiet the entire day. (The only problem is that the loudspeaker in the car is broken, so I have to actually be attentive to where we are so I don’t miss my stop…and geography is not my strong suit, even with a GPS!) I’ve enjoyed hanging out in the lounge car and watching the scenery change throughout Oregon- one of the most beautiful states I’ve been to/through so far this trip! It was a pretty relaxing day considering how delayed the train has been; at least the ride itself has been good. I requested a window seat on the train, and that helped me actually get a decent night’s sleep. During the day I commandeered an entire booth in the lounge car to myself and have been able to alternate working (i.e. playing on the internet, but we’ll call it work) and napping here. I even was able to get my lunch delivered to me at the table so I didn’t have to go to the cafe or diner car! (And the sandwich was actually delicious! Turkey BLT. I’m content.)

Birthday lunch on the train with snowy Oregon in the background.

And now…we’re supposed to (finally) get into Portland in about an hour. Which means I’ll miss tonight’s wine tasting at the hotel 😦 , but at least will still get in at a reasonable enough hour to take a shower(!!!) and then go for dinner and get to bed (in a bed!) at a reasonable hour, too.

Snowy Oregon (south)…

Wet Oregon (north)…


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