Salt Lake City, day 2:

Salt Lake City, day 2:

the day in which I planned to not be in SLC, but was because I’m often indecisive. (Or, a slightly longer version: I was told to visit Park City and I was interested in seeing the Olympic Park and the museum that’s there, but by the time I decided that was what I was going to do, there were no more inexpensive rental cars available, so I stayed in SLC and found some things to do there, instead.)

Thing #1: The Leonardo, a museum dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci. It’s a great museum in that it’s designed for kids and for adults, and the staff there is totally open to adults doing all the interactive activities and crafts. I spent most of the morning there walking through all of the exhibits, which range in topic from local SLC art to optical illusions to water conservation in Utah to sound, and more! In the photo array below, the top picture in the middle is of a sculpture that is essentially artificial cells, which are able to interact with the environment to purify the air. It was truly a unique museum that paid homage to such a “Renaissance man” (credit: Mom 😉 )

Thing #2: Tracy Aviary– an, as I’m sure you surmised, an aviary. I like these! What surprised me about this aviary was that nearly all of the exhibits were outdoors, in stark contrast to the aviary in Pittsburgh in which all the exhibits are indoors. Despite the freezing cold weather that picked up in the afternoon, it was an enjoyable few hours seeing all sorts of birds. The grounds, too, are beautiful- the aviary is in the middle of a city park. Here are pictures of birds for you all to enjoy:

In between these two major stops, I ate lunch at a vegan/gluten free bakery/cafe (a refreshing change of pace after a pan full of Mexican food the night before). It was pretty good for lunch, less good on its desserts, but made actually the best gluten free bread I’ve ever tasted (not that I’ve tasted much, but enough to judge…)

Most of the rest of the afternoon I spent at the hotel, because there is not much open in SLC in the evenings, and not much open on Sundays, so a Sunday evening is not the time to be trying to find something to do there. Instead, I hung around the hotel lobby, ate free cookies, and watched TV.

Trying to find dinner was another adventure. I had a place all picked out, and even got there, only to find out that a transformer blew, so the restaurant was closed for the evening…as was every other restaurant on the block. Okay, I thought, I’ll walk to the next block and just eat somewhere. I’d even resigned myself to eating at P.F. Chang’s, just to have dinner. And then…all the power in a 3 block radius went out. And so did all my dinner options. I ended up eating somewhere 10 blocks away, just to be sure I was out of the range of power outages, so I didn’t have to keep paying for Uber to take me from place to place!

20151221_003719.jpgAnd then it was time to get back on board the train. SLC definitely grew on me over the two days I was there, and I know I’ll definitely be back to Utah in the future to explore all the places in the state I didn’t get to this weekend. Next stop? Sacramento!


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