Restaurant Review – APTEKA

Restaurant Review – APTEKA

Guys. I’m SO EXCITED about how many new restaurants have opened in Pittsburgh recently. One that I’ve been waiting to see open for a while is Apteka, from the people that ran Pierogi Night. It opened yesterday (!), which I found out about from a post on Instagram yesterday morning, and luckily I was able to swing by right when they opened at 5:00 to try some food before having to head to a graduate school recruitment event at 6.


I’ve never been the first customer ever at a restaurant before, nor have I ever been to a restaurant on opening day- and while I wasn’t the first at Apteka, either, I was customer number 4 and I was there right when they opened.


Have you ever taken a bite of food that made you just stop, smile, and think that’s the best bite of food I have ever taken? I hadn’t- until last night at Apteka. I went there for the pierogis, because that’s what I’ve been waiting for ever since Pierogi Night stopped happening back in the fall. But the star of the menu was, after all, one of the Kanapki: homemade wheat bread topped with carrot paté, pickled cucumber and radish, carrot top, and dill.

But, every bite of food was delicious! I was happy to finally eat their pierogis again after so many months, and the mustard sauce that topped them at the restaurant elevated the flavor of the pierogis without being overwhelmingly strong or spicy.



And I was pleased to see how reasonable the prices were. I got one small plate and one big plate and with tip spent just over $20, which is certainly on the low end of average prices for a sit-down dinner out in Pittsburgh.

Apteka is now open Wednesday through Sunday from 5 pm – 12/1 am at 4606 Penn Avenue. Go try it!


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