Paris, here I am!

Paris, here I am!

So it’s been 2 days since I landed in Paris. Two days! In a lot of ways it seems like many more have gone by.

Only an 8 minute walk from my apartment!
Best time of day/year to visit? January on a night when it’s below freezing- NOBODY else is there to acidentally photobomb you! 😉

I’m still in the honeymoon phase of this trip- trying to see as much of my neighborhood and as many Paris landmarks as I can before starting work. But just the same, but this afternoon I found myself wishing that I knew some people here that I could be hanging out with while doing all of those things.

I’m well on my way to being settled in. I’m unpacked and I have a phone and food and a loyalty card to the grocery store (!); I’ve found the post office and some other markets and restaurants that I’m sure I will return to as the months go by. And I met up with my lab! They were really nice and welcoming and I’m excited to start working with and getting to know them better on February 6.

For now, I have one more day free before I head to a conference for all of next week. It’s an international science communication conference for students- I’m really looking forward to the unique opportunity and I will blog about it separately next week!

For now, I’m off to see a movie…in English (La La Land, if you’re wondering). Considering I’ve spoken probably 80% in French since in got here (and mostly successfully in communicating what I wanted to!!), my brain deserves a little reprieve! (My palate got a taste of American food the first night when I came back from the grocery store with white bread and (the fanciest I’ve ever seen) bologna 😂)


3 thoughts on “Paris, here I am!

  1. Hey Aliyah! I’ve read one of your blog posts (‘from academia to industry: a short guide’) through naturejobs blog, and was taking a look at your blog and boomm, noticed that you are in Paris and you are new here like me. Totally random but if you’d like to hang out sometime, don’t hesitate to send me a message (I promise not to turn out to be a weirdo ^^). I am a postdoc at Institut Pasteur (arrived in Paris the first week of Jan 2017) and would love to chat and learn more about scientific communication field from you.
    Bon weekend!


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