What do I do?

What do I do?

If you have not heard about Up-Goer Five before – it is a place on line where you can see if what you write has only used the top ten hundred words we say. (The idea started because of this picture.) Last night I tried to explain what I do using only these words. It was hard! Here is what I wrote:

Sometimes people get sick because cells in their body start to grow out of control. I study new ways to kill these sick cells in your body, using good cells that I make better at killing. Other ways of killing sick cells sometimes kill good cells at the same time, but this is something to avoid. The kind of good cell that I study keeps already sick people from getting too much sicker while they are trying to get better, by only killing very sick cells and leaving cells that are not sick alone.
There are lots of other people who have tried to do the same thing! Here is where you can find their words.

Can you explain your work using only these few words? Give it a try! Share it with me.

And if this body of words I wrote seems strange to you, it’s because I only used the top ten hundred words to write it!

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