What might be my favorite part about being in France is the ease of traveling to other interesting places. I have trips to other countries planned for the next few months, but my first trip out of Paris was to the city of Metz, France, earlier this month. It’s a small town with a lot of history, and I had a great time exploring it for a weekend!

The architecture here – from monuments around the city to old churches with gorgeous stained glass windows – lends the city a uniqe character that also happens to be very photogenic!

2017-03-04 12.35.26
Enjoying a break by the water.

There are two rivers running through Metz, and (even in the cold and rain) the benches alongside of them make for a relaxing place to rest from so much walking!

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Metz also has an extensive Jewish history – I took a (VERY LONG) walk to the old synagogue and learned that there has been a synagogue in Metz since around the year 1600! Then, the Musee de la Cour d’Or, which details the history of Metz from ancient Roman times to the present, had a large and well-curated exhibit on the history of the Jewish community in Metz – which has existed since the 6th century!

2017-03-05 10.01.12
In the Musee de la Cour d’Or

The Musee de la Cour d’Or is huge, and took me a full half-day to go through. This photo is of Roman thermal baths that usted to exist on the site that the museum now occupies! They’re now in the basement level of the museum.

2017-03-04 16.16.07

Despite the rain that plagued my entire weekend, I loved visiting the Porte des Allemands! It’s a medieval-era fortification along the river that you can walk around and explore on your own. There are lots of twisty staircases to climb, and beautiful views of the city from the top! There is also an art exhibit at the entry, and the French equivalent of a “Little Free Library” on the property as well! Despite it being small, was a really cool place to explore and I can only imagine it’s even nicer when it’s sunny out.

There is also a modern art museum – the Centre Pompidou-Metz – in the city, which I hadn’t planned to visit, but ended up doing because of the rain, and it was so worth it! There was a great exhibit on the intersection of art and music, and one based on Fahrenheit 451. Maybe the bad weather was a stroke of good luck! I had a really enjoyable afternoon.

And what would a trip of mine be without food?! I enjoyed almost everything I ate (the steak was average, but I needed to put a picture of it in to balance out the dessert and drink pictures!). The speculoos meringues from Aux Merveilleux (bottom right picture) were one of the best things I ever have eaten, and I went back twice over the weekend to buy more!

All in all, it was nice to get out of Paris and see another part of France, and I really enjoyed my visit to Metz!


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