Food confusion

Food confusion

It’s always interesting in a foreign country to compare familiar foods from back home to how they’re eaten there. Paris is one of the food capitals of the world, but while this city does many foods well, it does some foods…differently. Like:

  1. Muffins, which are not a breafast food, but a dessert! While coffee shops usually have them for sale at breakfast time, if you order one, it comes with a side of weird looks from the cashiers.
  2. Bagels, which aren’t a breakfast food here, either – no bagel store opens before 10 am, so you can only get them for lunch…or dinner or a late-night snack!
  3. Tacos, which aren’t a Mexican/Tex-Mex dish, but are instead (a) actually burritos and (b) made of literally any food on the inside, including chicken cordon bleu, hamburgers, fried eggs, or french fries!
  4. Tuna, which is normally eaten dried/flaked, not as “tuna salad” made with mayonnaise, except as a specialty item! Instead, you can find it as an ingredient in everything from quiche to pizza.

While the French versions of most of these foods are still delicious (just maybe not the tuna pizza…), I won’t be sad the first time I can order a bagel breakfast sandwich when I’m back in the U.S.!


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