Toast to champagne

Toast to champagne

When in France, celebrate what the French do? That’s how I found myself last night at a party celebrating champagne! Hosted by Moët and Chandon, the weekend-long event features their Grand Vintage 2008 champagne in a classy yet chill environment, with something for everyone.

After coming out of the metro at Trinité (line 12), Maison Moët is barely a block down an otherwise empty street. You can’t miss the entrance – it’s marked with white and gold balloons and a tuxedo-clad bouncer. It was evident that a lot of thought went in to the details, and this entrance certainly sets an impressive tone for the night!

Inside, a canopy of lights hangs above a courtyard filled with black tables adorned with gothic-esque candelabras; at the back of the room is a sleek bar serving oversized glasses of crisp champagne. At the front, you can order your choice of formule from a perfectly color-coordinated food truck: braised beef or breaded chicken sandwiches, plus a glass of champagne, for 20-25€. Though the sandwiches are a bit small (sufficient as a snack, but probably not as a meal), I found the price reasonable once the (large) glass of champagne is factored in, considering the price of a bottle.

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But! If that atmosphere is not to your liking, or you’d prefer to eat something lighter than a hot sandwich, don’t worry! Pass through that first area and you will find that there are still two more areas to explore, each with a unique vibe and different food and drink options!

Immediately through the back of the courtyard, you enter into a small building that has been transformed with neon lights and metallic streamers into a “Mini Club” (that yes, I went to!). The inside is tiny, but even on a Friday night was not too full to enter; it just took a lot of “pardon”s to squeeze to the empty space towards the back of the room. The space is outfitted with a karaoke stage at the front and several small tables and chairs in the back (being used to hold bags and drinks, not people, when I was there). This is probably the most relaxed area at the event – dancing and music and no security/bouncers inside – but it also is very hot, as it’s a completely enclosed room with no windows. On your way out, you’ll pass by a champagne vending machine selling mini bottles of Moët for 10€, which at least for the novelty factor is cool to take a peek at! But, it’s the same champagne that was served in the first courtyard, while in space number 3, there are many more drink options.

The third and largest area is also the one I found the most clever- it’s set up like a beach, with benches shaped like boats, cabanas, and a champagne “cocktail” bar! You can choose white (13€) or rosé (14€) ice champagne, and then customize your drink with berries, lime, or cucumber slices. It’s served in an oversized wine gslass emblazoned with the Moët logo. Between the color of the drinks and the glasses they’re served in, this is where to order your champagne if you want the best pictures! I wanted to taste rosé champagne since I’ve never tried it before, and added berries and lime. I have to say I’m much more a fan of traditional champagne, but not sad I tried the rosé, especially from one of France’s luxury producers! Food-wise, here you can choose from charcuterie boxes for two, all priced at 12€. However, unless you arrive early you’ll be hard pressed to find seats at the beach: I had to take my cocktail back to the first area to sit with it.

Finally, at the “beach” there is also a “pool”! This one’s filled with gold confetti, though, and equipped with a photo booth that prints still pictures and emails you a gif of your antics! The iridescent gold confetti falling against a white tile backdrop makes for some sharp pictures. This little area was a lot of fun!

Maison Moët is open through this Sunday, from 11h-23h each day. It is a lot of fun, so I’d recommend making a stop there while you can!


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