Food confusion

Food confusion

It’s always interesting in a foreign country to compare familiar foods from back home to how they’re eaten there. Paris is one of the food capitals of the world, but while this city does many foods well, it does some foods…differently. Like:

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What did I eat this weekend?

What did I eat this weekend?

It’s well known that Paris is a great food city. So it’s not wholly unexpected that what I’ve been asked about the most since being here is, what have I been eating? In the spirit of answering the question for everyone, here are some of the delicious things I ate this weekend:

2017-03-10 20.17.01
Beef Bo Bun with chicken egg rolls
2017-03-11 12.35.58
Boston Creme donut and an American-sized coffee – that I could order in English 🙂
2017-03-11 13.24.59
Brunch menu FTW – thanks to the Boneshaker owners for the recommendation!
  • A variety of chocolate samples from Choco-Story (which is actually a museum!)
2017-03-11 16.10.22
It’s fake but I did eat real chocolate here, too!
I don’t usually like choux pastries but I’ve been converted!
2017-03-12 13.33.20
Best baguette in Paris 2x! (I thought it was okay…still cool to try!)
  • Salted caramel madeleine from Gilles Marchal…sadly photo-less since I ate it too quickly!

Yup, you could say that I am enjoying eating my way around this city! 🙂

Happy Restaurant Week!

Happy Restaurant Week!

It’s once again time for Restaurant Week! From today until August 21, you can visit more than 60 restaurants to try special menus that each restaurant has put together for the week. To kickoff Restaurant Week a bit early and to celebrate, last week I got to sample the restaurant week menu from Bigham Tavern thanks to Yelp!

We sampled the appetizer- fried green tomatoes; entree- pork taco; and dessert- fruit and cheese platter. You can view their entire restaurant week menu here.


We also got to sample a huge variety of delicious drinks, including a delicious red sangria!

And as a special treat for everyone at the party, we got to sample as many of Bigham Tavern’s 30 different styles of wings that we wanted to. I’m not a fan of spicy sauces but I’m happy that they have a number of flavorful but mild sauces, including a salt and vinegar, sweet chili, and Memphis sweet BBQ.


I’m looking forward to exploring more new restaurants throughout this week!

Restaurant Review – APTEKA

Restaurant Review – APTEKA

Guys. I’m SO EXCITED about how many new restaurants have opened in Pittsburgh recently. One that I’ve been waiting to see open for a while is Apteka, from the people that ran Pierogi Night. It opened yesterday (!), which I found out about from a post on Instagram yesterday morning, and luckily I was able to swing by right when they opened at 5:00 to try some food before having to head to a graduate school recruitment event at 6.


I’ve never been the first customer ever at a restaurant before, nor have I ever been to a restaurant on opening day- and while I wasn’t the first at Apteka, either, I was customer number 4 and I was there right when they opened.


Have you ever taken a bite of food that made you just stop, smile, and think that’s the best bite of food I have ever taken? I hadn’t- until last night at Apteka. I went there for the pierogis, because that’s what I’ve been waiting for ever since Pierogi Night stopped happening back in the fall. But the star of the menu was, after all, one of the Kanapki: homemade wheat bread topped with carrot paté, pickled cucumber and radish, carrot top, and dill.

But, every bite of food was delicious! I was happy to finally eat their pierogis again after so many months, and the mustard sauce that topped them at the restaurant elevated the flavor of the pierogis without being overwhelmingly strong or spicy.



And I was pleased to see how reasonable the prices were. I got one small plate and one big plate and with tip spent just over $20, which is certainly on the low end of average prices for a sit-down dinner out in Pittsburgh.

Apteka is now open Wednesday through Sunday from 5 pm – 12/1 am at 4606 Penn Avenue. Go try it!

New York, New York/The End

New York, New York/The End

…my last stop! I’ve been to New York a lot (though not recently), so here are just the highlights from this stop:

Milk Bar makes crack pie that doesn’t actually contain crack but is certainly that addictive! This is one of those places I’ve heard of forever but have never made it to, until this trip when Foursquare told me it was the closest bakery to where I was when I decided I wanted dessert. Get the crack pie. Don’t get the corn cookies. (Yes, corn the vegetable.)

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is something I try to see every year. Even though it looks the same each year, there’s something magical about it and I love stopping by. It’s also near the decorated store windows, and this year I stopped at Lord & Taylor and Saks.

Le District is a new French food hall in Manhattan that opened since the last time I was in New York about a year ago. It’s all the French food you can want, all in one place– perfect! There are different areas you can go to for different food items, whether you want them to go or to take. I got a croissant (for my sister) and tarte aux pommes (for myself); wine (beujolais, one of my favorites!); a duck breast sandwich; and a petit four. And I will go back to eat more!


I discovered Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken on Instagram and after snacking at Le District, decided that for real dinner, I wanted a fried chicken sandwich. So I got one. And it was worth the hike to the East Village, for sure. Juicy and humongous and crispy and delicious…it’s just unfortunate that these sandwiches don’t transport well.

So, those were the highlights from New York. I squeezed as much as I could into the day I was there. In addition to these stops I did a lot of walking around; I stumbled across another food hall at 46th and Vanderbilt that I need to go back to, and I spent part of my morning there at the Bryant Park holiday market- but it’s not my favorite NYC holiday market, the others (Union Square and Columbus Circle) had just already closed because it was after Christmas.

And then, I was done. My dad met me in New York and we ventured around separately and together, and then drove home.

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