Montana (2/2)

Day 2 of being in Montana involved a slightly terrifying excursion on skis, that was apparently not quite terrifying enough to prevent me from going out a second time. Mark had me convinced to try skiing, following our snowshoeing tour the day prior. “It’s easier,” he said. “You don’t have to use as much energy… More Montana (2/2)

Montana (1/2)

Well, I’m home now (and happy new year!), but since I still haven’t finished writing about my trip, I’ll keep it up until I’ve gotten through all of my adventures! Montana: so beautiful! After an overnight ride in from Portland, I was glad to get off the train first thing in the morning. Essex, MT… More Montana (1/2)

Portland, day 3

My time in Portland was equally relaxing and rushed. I could have spent a couple more days there and I will definitely be back to explore what I missed. Like in all the cities I visited, a lot of the recommendations I got of places to see are not exactly within city limits, and I… More Portland, day 3